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Selling coins on your own can be confusing and overwhelming, so let Kick Ass Coins take care of that for you!

From the moment we receive your collection, it is inventoried, listed on eBay, then shipped immediately to buyers by Kick Ass Coins.

We average 125 unique visitors per day that spend over a half hour in the store at a time (consecutive clicks). This kind of eBay exposure will ensure you of getting the best possible price for your coin.

Each coin is carefully inspected, given a determination and grade, fully described including denomination, type, variety, and rarity.

We include most coins listed with detailed historical facts to give the buyer a sense of the times and make your coin stand apart from the rest.

All coins are photographed with top-notch equipment using proper angle and lighting (multiple photos for each coin) to bring out the best detail.

Every coin is Tweeted to all of our followers the moment it becomes an active listing. Kick Ass Coins strives for excellent customer service and promptly answers all questions customers have about your collection.

We carefully package and ship all of your coins to the purchaser immediately. Email or Tweet @ us to get started right away!

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  • "The bottom line is, when investing in rare coins, quality trumps quantity."
  • "...learn how coins are graded and valued or you will become an easy target for unscrupulous coin dealers that take advantage of the beginner."
  • "...high-grade, extremely rare coins bring in the highest dollar amounts, but the pool of investors is also extremely limited."
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  • "Solid gold is not magnetic...alloys can be added that make it become magnetic. The higher the carat, the less magnetic. Acid is the best way to test for gold."
  • "If you’re looking for quality at a good price, stick with dealers that are enthusiastic about their coins..."
  • "The obsolete 2 or 3 cent pieces from the Civil War era are always fun to collect and won’t break the bank."

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